More about my practice:

My interests span Anthropology,  Art, Attachment Theory, Children, Education, Hiking, Jungian Analysis, Mountains, Nature & Systems Theory

I have worked in therapeutic practice for nearly three decades. On the one hand, I have serious reservations about much that is offered as “therapy”. My interests lie in naturally occurring human behaviours, as demonstrated through longitudinal cross cultural research, ethnological studies, and my own observations over time. In Psychology it bothers me that mothers are far too often maligned, that fathers and specifically siblings are often marginalised, and that the human body, as well as cultural and Zeitgeist factors are too seldom taken into account.

Increasingly it strikes me that, so often the difficulties that walk into the consulting room, also reflect the dynamics of the times that we live in. Someone ( I have forgotten who) once wrote, that the dynamics of each period in history, plays out in the life- and body- of each individual.  How can we do therapy so that it seems more natural, more joyous, and less secret?

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