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  • On Depression and Anxiety

    On Depression and Anxiety

    Part two: Loss of Power and Depression A woman comes to see me. She comes because of high anxiety that is threatening her daily existence. No longer able to make even the simplest choice, e.g. what to make for supper, her anxiety about her own anxiety is now putting a stop to any attempts to […]

  • The Roots of Emphasis on Emotions

    From the “Are We Overemphasising Emotions?” post series. Carl Rogers (1902-1987), an American humanist,  is the father of modern psychotherapy (after Freud and Jung). His emphasis on empathic listening as the central tool in therapy is still valid. After all, research shows that the experience, “My therapist understands exactly how I feel”, remains the best […]

  • Motivation as Instinct: Part Two

    Motivation is energy. It is a pro-life force. It is what makes life worth living. In my opinion there are 6 major life forces: Physical expression Exploration Flow Mastery Connection Safe haven Movement Physical exploration is an inherent features of homo sapiens. We love to explore with our bodies – after all how did we […]

  • Part Two: Are We Overemphasizing Emotions?

    Possible consequences of an over-emphasis on emotions: Self-pity. A nearly natural response to bad things happening to you. Why me? (Would it be better if it was someone else? “Yes, someone deserving. I don’t deserve this.” ) Self-pity, even when it is realistic, is unfortunately a non-helpful coping mechanism. Taking on this identity is to take […]

  • Motivation as Instinct

    Want to know about instinct? Observe a toddler. Motivational drives are noticeably inherent in a child. Typical toddler behaviours can tell us a lot about our own natural, instinctual, genetically determined drives: We can all learn a lot by observing a toddler. In this post, I provide an overview of motivational drives that seem genetically […]

  • The Pretense of Happiness, the Existence of Despair: The Myth of Authentic Living & the Downside of Gratitude.

    From inside the therapy room. The idea of authentic living, as opposed to false living, has a long history. The idea of an inner nature that can become corrupted, resulting in multiple difficulties,  is a philosophical concept that has come a long way.  It is an idea (if not a practice) that is strong in […]

  • Loss of Power & Depression

    By definition, depression is about the loss of power. Somehow power has seeped out of your veins. Which is why you just want to lie down. Go to sleep. Give up. Die. It is all too much. You no longer have the energy or the will to take it on. It is psychological defeat. You […]

  • Pathways to Depression & Why Images are Necessary for Healing

    In the following days I will write about Psychological factors that are pathways towards depression, as well as consequences of them. Finally I write why I believe that using only words in therapy is not sufficient for healing. Absence of adoration Misattunement Loss of Power Unresolved Grief Loss of community & faith Words are not […]

  • Depression I. Uncomfortable facts:

    A. Medication & Genetics I have procrastinated writing about depression. It is such a monumental field: How do I cover this vast field in a few short essays? Here is a short piece about the most often heard untruth as well as the most honest route to ‘cure’. The most frequently overheard misunderstanding: 1. It […]

  • Thriving

    I send out a whatsapp: “I am doing a small informal survey: Would you mind giving me 2 examples as a child when you felt like “thriving”. Mine, for example are, doing my homework on my own, and riding my bike from athletics back home.” I have some ideas about thriving, but like to keep […]